Rice cakes

Made fresh daily, this dessert has a soft and sticky texture with a delicately sweet flavor. In addition to the classic white and brown rice cakes, we have pioneered flavors including ginger, coconut and matcha green tea.

Rice cakles sell in the box. Box has 6 pieces, but you can mix any 2 flavors in one box (3+3 pieces)

Rice Cakes. Fong On

White Rice cake 

Very airy and chewy, sweet but with slightly savory and fermented flavor. White rice cake is definitely a part of childhood memories of majority of our clients. 

Rice Cakes. Fong On

Brown Rice cake

The second traditional rice cake in our range. More reminiscent of classic oven-baked pies, with a very enticing brown sugar flavor and a soft, melt-in-your-mouth texture.

Rice Cakes. Fong On

Matcha Rice Cake

This is the taste of summer, ocean breeze and a long-awaited vacation! Just try it!

Rice Cakes. Fong On

Ginger Rice Cake

Slightly spicy and sweet, with bits of real ginger, very flavorful and for some reason you want it again and again. 

Rice Cakes. Fong On

Coconut mini Rice Cake

Tropical paradise! Thats it!